C.T. Salazar, Editor-in-Chief

C.T. Salazar is an MFA Candidate and children’s librarian. He is the 2017 AWP Intro Journal’s Poetry Award Winner. In his hometown, he is the host of regular poetry and spoken word open mics. His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in The Tampa Review, Cosmonauts Avenue, The Matador Review, The Harpoon Review, Bad Pony, Ink & Nebula, FLARE: the Flagler Review, The Broke Bohemian, and elsewhere. He’s hard at work compiling his first collection, as well as organizing a bonfire. Contact him with questions, good news, angry rants, or pictures of your pets at editordirtypaws@gmail.com or follow him on Twitter at @CTsalazar_.


Exodus Brownlow, Managing Editor

Exodus Oktavia Brownlow is a 24-year-old native of Cruger, Mississippi where she homeschools her younger siblings, ranches, and writes while finishing an MFA in Creative Writing at Mississippi University for Women. Recent publications include Valley Voices, Luna Luna Magazine, and Indicia.


Jeremy Hammack, Managing Editor

Jeremy Hammack received his BA in Writing from Mississippi College. He continues his pursuit of excellency in Columbus, Ms while assisting his girlfriend in her bookstore. His pastimes include putting dungeons in dragons and cornering (being cornered by) audiences at spoken word open mics. He is a full-time Pineapple-on-pizza activist, eating pineapple on all his pizza whenever he can, in accordance with scripture.


Thomas Richardson, Contributing Editor

Thomas B. Richardson does not know what we wants to be when he grows up. After earning master’s degrees in theology and education, he has spent most of the last decade as a high school English teacher in his native Mississippi. As an on-again, off-again MFA student, Richardson also dabbles in poetry, with work most recently appearing in Deep South MagazineCantos, and POMPA. He also publishes chains of micropoetry and “twaiku” on his Twitter account, @spoutingthomas.


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